Bumblebee Linens



Product Type
Cross Linked Fully Aromatic Polyamide Composite

40 in x 4.0 in

Product Specifications

Product Flow Rate Typical Stabilized
Salt Rejection (%)
(GPD) (m³/d)
2,400 9.1 99.3

Operating and Cleaning Limits

Maximum Operating Pressure Maximum Feed Water Temperature Maximum Feed Water (SDI) Feed Water Chlorine Concentration (ppm) Feed Water pH Range, Continuous Operation Feed Water pH Range, Chemical Cleaning Maximum Pressure Drop per Element Maximum Pressure Drop per Vessel
365 psi (2.5 MPa) 113°F (45°C) SDI 5 < 0.1 ppm 2 - 11 1 - 12 15 psi (0.10 MPa) 50 psi (0.34 MPa)

• For the recommended design range, please consult the latest Toray technical bulletin, design guidelines,computer design program, and/ or call an application specialist. If the operating limits given in this Product Information Bulletin are not strictly followed, the Limited Warranty will be null and void.
• All elements are wet tested, treated with tested feed water solution, and then vacuum packed in oxygen barrier bags with deoxidant inside. To prevent biological growth during system shutdown, it is recommended to perform 30-60 minutes flushing of Toray elements with seawater once in every two days.
• The presence of free chlorine and other oxidizing agents under certain conditions, such as heavy metals which acts as oxidation catalyst in the feed water will cause unexpected oxidation of the membrane. It is strongly recommended to remove these oxidizing agents contained in feed water before operating RO system.
• Permeate from the first hour of operation shall be discarded.
• The customer is fully responsible for the effects of chemicals that are incompatible with the elements. Their use will void the element Limited Warranty.

Product Equivalent

Dow/FilmTec: XLE-4040,LC LE-4040
Hydranautics: ESPA4-4040
GE: AK-90 LE

Product Type