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Hydranautics HydraCoRe70-pHT-8040-46

Hydranautics HydraCoRe70-pHT-8040-46

High flux, 720 Dalton MWCO thin-film, chlorine resistant Nanofiltration membranes designed specifically for color removal; and acid, caustic, and other chemical reclamation by rejecting color, proteins, fats, oils, and other macromolecular species.

Product Type
Sulfonated Polyethersulfone

40 in x 3.98 in

Product Specifications

Feed Flow Max. Pressure
Drop per Element
(psig) (bar) (GPM) (m³/hr) (PSI) (bar)
600 41 30 6.8 15 1.0

Operating and Cleaning Limits

Maximum Chlorine Concentration (ppm) Maximum Chlorine Concentration for Cleaning (ppm) Maximum Operating Temperature Operating pH Range Cleaning pH Range Maximum Feedwater Turbidity (NTU) Maximum Feedwater SDI Maximum Pressure Drop for a Vessel
200 ppm 158°F (70°C) 1-13.5 1-13.5 60 psi
(4 bar)
Product Type