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Hydranautics HydraCoRe50-LD

Hydranautics HydraCoRe50-LD

Hydranautics’ HYDRACoRe products are chemical and oxidant-resistant, sulfonated polyethersulfone nanofiltration elements. Potential applications include removal of color and large molecular weight organics from industrial, food and beverage, and municipal feedwaters.

Product Type
Sulfonated Polyethersulfone

40 in x 7.89 in

Product Specifications

Flow Rate
NaCl Rejection (%)
(psig) (MPa) (GPD) (m³/h) Ave Min Max
600 4.16 17,200 62.8 50 40 60

Operating and Cleaning Limits

Maximum Chlorine Concentration (ppm) Maximum Chlorine Concentration for Cleaning (ppm) Maximum Operating Temperature Operating pH Range Cleaning pH Range Maximum Feedwater Turbidity (NTU) Maximum Feedwater SDI Maximum Pressure Drop for Each Element
10 ppm 100 ppm 113°F (45°C) 2-11 1-12 1.0 NTU  SDI 5 10 psi

• Transition metals (Fe, Mn) should not be present in the water or on the membrane as these can accelerate detrimental reactions between the membrane and the oxidant.
• The limitations shown here are for general use. For specific projects, operating at more conservative values may ensure the best performance and longest life of the membrane. See Hydranautics Technical Bulletins for more detail on operation limits, cleaning pH, and cleaning temperatures.

Product Type