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Hydranautics HydraCoRe50 8040-46

Hydranautics HydraCoRe50 8040-46

Hydranautics’ HydraCoRe50 product is a chemical and oxidant-resistant composite nanofiltration element which is designed to reject organic species with a nominal molecular weight of 1000 or greater. Applications include: color separations and adjustments in juices, sauces, and food extracts; amino acid production; concentration of fish, meat, and vegetable extracts for seasoning manufacturing; and concentration of oligosaccharides.

All products are USDA-accepted. Components conform to FDA regulation CFR Title 21 and “3A Sanitary Standards for Cross flow Membrane Modules, Number 45-01, Section C”.

Product Type
Sulfonated Polyethersulfone

40 in x 7.90 in

Product Specifications

Feed Flow
Max. Pressure
Drop per Element
(psig) (bar) (GPM) (m³/hr) (PSI) (bar)
600 41 80 18.2 13 0.9

Operating and Cleaning Limits

Maximum Continuous Chlorine Concentration (ppm) Maximum Chlorine Concentration for Cleaning (ppm) Maximum Operating Temperature Operating pH Range Cleaning pH Range Maximum Feedwater Turbidity (NTU) Maximum Feedwater SDI Maximum Pressure Drop for a Vessel
10 ppm 100 ppm 140°F (60°C) 2.0–11.0 1.0–12.0 60 psi
(4 bar)
Product Type