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GE AK2521TM (1206799)

GE AK2521TM (1206799)

AG High Rejection Brackish Water Commercial Elements are selected when high solute rejection is required and an operating pressure up to 200 psig is acceptable. These elements are considered a stand-ard in the industry. AK Low Pressure Brackish Water Commercial Elements are selected when the highest solute rejection is not needed but a low operating pressure is desired. These elements allow significant energy savings since good rejection is achieved at operating pressures as low as 100 psig.These elements are designed for light industrial or commercial applications. For cost optimization, they feature a tape outer wrap.

Product Type
Thin-Film Membrane(TFM*)

21 in x 2.4 in

Product Specifications

Average Permeate Flow
Average NaCl
Rejection (%)
Minimum NaCl
Rejection (%)
(GPD) (m³/d)
300 1.14 99.0 98.0

• Average salt rejection after 24 hours operation. Individual flow rate may vary +25%/-15%.
• Testing conditions: 2,000ppm NaCl solution at 225psi (1,551kPa) operating pres-sure, 25°C (77°F), pH 7.5 and 15% recovery.
• Testing conditions: 500ppm NaClsolution at 115psi (793kPa) operating pressure, 25°C (77°F), pH 7.5 and 15% recovery.
Operating and Cleaning Limits

Typical Operating Flux Maximum Operating Pressure Maximum Temperature, Continuous Operation Maximum Temperature, Clean-In-Place (CIP) pH Range, Optimum Rejection pH Range, Continuous Operation pH Range, Clean-In-Place (CIP) Chlorine Tolerance Feedwater NTU Feedwater SDI
10-20 GFD
400 psi (3,758kPa) 122°F (50°C) 122°F (50°C) 7.0-7.5 3.0-10.0 1.0-12.0 1,000+ ppm-hours NTU < 1 SDI < 5

• SDI is measured on a non-linear scale using a 0.45 micron filter paper. Addition-ally, finer colloids, particulates and microorganisms that pass through the filter paper and not measured in the SDI test, will potentially foul the RO element. For performance consistency and project warranty, please use Winflows projection software and consult your Filters with Membranes representative.

Product Type