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Dow Filmtec TW30-1812-100HR

Dow Filmtec TW30-1812-100HR

DOW FILMTEC™ residential elements are the most reliable, consistent and highest quality in the industry. Our 100 GPD elements offer a superior balance of the highest available flow with premium rejection, ideal for low feed pressure residential applications.

DOW FILMTEC™ Residential Elements Feature:
• New advanced membrane chemistry can achieve stabilized salt rejection of 98%.
• High active membrane area and twin leaf design for optimized performance
• NSF58 safety Certification and reduced certification costs / resources with NSF data transfer Certification
• Fully-automated manufacturing that ensures consistent and high quality elements
• Dry shipping for convenient handling and longer shelf-life
• Proven consistency and reliability for longer membrane life

Product Type
Spiral-wound element with polyamide thin-film composite membrane

11.74 in x 1.75 in

Product Specifications

Flow Rate
Rejection (%)
(psig) (bar) (GPD) (L/h)
100 15.8 98.0
  1. Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 250 ppm softened tap water, 77°F (25°C), 15% recovery and the specified applied pressure.
  2. Minimum salt rejection is 96.0%.
  3. Permeate flows for individual elements may vary ±20%.

Operating and Cleaning Limits

Operating Temperature
Operating Pressure
Feed Flow Rate
pH Range,
Continuous Operation
Maximum Feed
Silt Density
Index (SDI)
113°F (45°C) 150 psig (10 bar) 2.0 gpm (7.6 lpm) 2 - 11 SDI 5 < 0.1 ppm

• Maximum temperature for continuous operation above pH 10 is 95°F (35°C)).
• Under certain conditions, the presence of free chlorine and other oxidizing agents will cause premature membrane failure. Since oxidation damage is not covered under warranty, Dow Water & Process Solutions recommends removing residual free chlorine by pretreatment prior to membrane exposure. Please refer to technical bulletin "Dechlorinating Feedwater" for more information.

Product Type