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Dow Filmtec LP-4040

Dow Filmtec LP-4040

A complete range of DOW FILMTEC™ 4040-size elements is available to meet a wide variety of customer needs for commercial applications, from the highest purity water to the lowest total system costs.

•DOW FILMTEC LP-4040 delivers high quality water at low pressure operation. LP-4040 replaces many “first generation” low pressure membrane elements and will purify more water in many older systems, especially on cold water feeds.

Tape-wrapped elements are built with the same high quality membranes and materials of construction as industrial elements, except for the hard outershell, and are more economical for commercial systems with one or two elements per housing.

Product Type
Polyamide Thin-Film Composite

40 in x 3.9 in

Product Specifications

Flow Rate
Rejection (%)
(psig) (bar) (GPD) (m³/h)
2,900 11.0 99.2
  1. 1. Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 77°F (25°C), 15% recovery and applied pressure: 100 psig (6.9 bar) for XLE-4040, 145 psig (10 bar) for LP-4040 and 225 psig (15.5 bar) for TW30-4040. DOW FILMTEC TW30-4040 specifications are based on a 2,000 ppm NaCl feed stream. DOW FILMTEC LP-4040 and DOW FILMTEC XLE-4040 specifications are based on a 500 ppm NaCl feed stream.
  2. Permeate flows for individual elements may vary ±20%.
  3. For the purpose of improvement, specifications may be updated periodically.

Operating and Cleaning Limits

Operating Temperature
Operating Pressure
Feed Flow
Pressure Drop
pH Range,
Continuous Operation
pH Range,
Short-Term Cleaning (30 min.)
Maximum Feed
Silt Density
Index (SDI)
113°F (45°C) 600 psig (41 bar) 14 gpm (3.2 m³/h) 13 psig (0.9 bar) 2 - 11 1 - 13 SDI 5 < 0.1 ppm

• Maximum temperature for continuous operation above pH 10 is 95°F (35°C).
• Refer to Cleaning Guidelines in specification sheet 609-23010.
• Under certain conditions, the presence of free chlorine and other oxidizing agents will cause premature membrane failure. Since oxidation damage is not covered under warranty, DOW FILMTEC recommends removing residual free chlorine by pretreatment prior to membrane exposure. Please refer to technical bulletin 609-22010 for more information.

Equivalent Products

Hydranautics: ESPA1-4040
Toray: TMG10D
GE: AK4040FM
Product Type