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By 2025 over 1 billion people will be without access to clean, safe, water. That number just got a little smaller thanks to Brunswick County’s plan to build a Reverse Osmosis plant for their citizens. After a lot of back and forth about the plant, it was put to a vote and won 3-2.  After the hard fought issue was voted on, Chairman Bill Browning stated, “The right thing to do and the smart thing to do is to own our own water plant.” After what has happened in Flint Michigan, and the fact that water purity has become a public health issue it was clear to the council that now is the time for action.

A majority of the opposition was based on previous water test results. With the claim that the County’s water has passed the test for several years without any issues, those not in favor of the new plant tried to stall the vote. The other topic of concern was cost.

The cost of Reverse Osmosis plants can be staggering, but the long term solution they provide is unmeasurable. As with all RO and Water Filter solutions, the goal is clean, pure, water at a cost that is affordable. But what is the price for clean water?  Browning stated, “I’ve been told by financial consultants that we can do this at a cost savings to our customers.” Over the long run, the plant is expected to have an ROI that is both monetary and a benefit to the community.


Source; http://www.starnewsonline.com/news/20160621/brunswick-approves-reverse-osmosis-water-plant