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As reported on AarabianIndustry.com, Qatar is building a new water desalination plant using reverse osmosis technology. The plant will be the first of its kind in the small Arab country.

Qatar Electricity and Water Company (QEWC) will develop the $500 million plant which will produce 36 million gallons of fresh drinking water per day by the third quarter of 2016.

The contract to build the plant was awarded to the Japanese company, Mitsubishi. The location of the plant has yet to be announced.

Located on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar, home to approximately 2 million people, is the world’s richest country per capita with an economy backed by the world’s third largest natural gas and oil reserves. Qatar borders Saudi Arabia and is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. Its terrain comprises arid desert and a long Persian Gulf shoreline of beaches and dunes. Summer average daily high temperatures in Doha, the capital city, are above 99°F.

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