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GE (NYSE: GE) introduced the latest in membrane-based wastewater treatment technology, combining anaerobic digestion technology with its ZeeWeed 500 membranes, resulting in the anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR). AnMBR offers the ability to generate renewable energy from industrial wastewater, reduce energy consumption and sludge production both economically and reliably.

“GE’s most recent development in membranes unites our proven ZeeWeed reinforced hollow fiber membranes with anaerobic digestion technology to construct the new AnMBR. The future of water treatment has a new component and reinforces GE’s commitment to energy neutrality. Our industrial customers are yearning for more energy reduction in wastewater treatment, and GE’s AnMBR will give them a way to generate renewable energy from their wastewater,” said Yuvbir Singh, general manager, Engineered Systems—Water and Process Technologies for GE Power & Water.

The technology is best suited for wastewater with high biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand concentrations that result in higher expenses.

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