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It may come as no surprise that top water experts, globally, are putting some thinking power into solutions that would results in greater availability of fresh water around the world. Some of their solutions include:
Reecycling Wastewater
In March, World Water Day panelists urged a new mindset for wastewater treatment. Some countries, like Singapore, are turning to recycled water to cut their water imports and become more self-sufficient. The rich East Asian republic is a leader in developing advanced technology that cleans wastewater for other uses, including drinking.
Improving Water Harvesting
Water catchment systems are essential for areas with no other reliable water sources. Pakistan and India—two countries that contend with some of the worst effects of climate change—are overhauling rainwater harvesting systems. These efforts provide independent control of water resources.
Developing Energy-Efficient Desalination Plants
To date, desalination has been an energy-intensive solution to water scarcity. Typically the Middle East has capitalized on its large energy reserves to build desalination plants. But Saudi Arabia could be fostering a new kind of desalination with its recent announcement to use solar-powered plants.
Britain has taken a different approach to desalination by using small-scale facilities for agriculture. But these innovations bring to light another needed resource—the capital for technological experimentation.
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