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Clean water is hard to come by, and the costs to maintain water filtration plants are always increasing. We all want clean water, but what about clean air and renewable energy? These things all go hand in hand. Clean air and clean water can both be a product of renewable energy. Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) is ready to reap the benefits of renewable energy while supplying clean water to over sixty-seven thousand people.

This fall MPW will be launching the endeavor to lower the cost of operation for their Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants. The largest consumer of electricity in the Mount Pleasant area, MPW will be installing roof-mounted solar panels to help lower their usage and cost. In total, it is estimated they will cut out 265 metric tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere. This reduction is equivalent to 255 acres of forests.

This move towards renewable energy is the best thing MPW could do. It furthers their mission of treating wastewater through Reverse Osmosis and turning it into usable, clean, safe water. Our environment is interconnected. With this reduction in carbon, it will help the air quality in the area. Which in turn, creates less work for the plants and allows nature to focus on cleaning the surrounding soils and water more efficiently.


As more and more watersheds are containment and fewer people have safe water it is a joyous occasion when a water plant takes a step like this. To date, this will be MPW’s largest commercial system. The move will also allow them to participate in the SCE&G’s Bill Credit Agreement Program.

Through the program, they will be able to able to save $52,000 annually along with the large reduction of carbon from our atmosphere. The 160 pumps operated within 4 facilities will serve as an example to other water filtration plants around the country. As we hear about the record-breaking temperatures and the overall increase in our atmospheric temperature, it is great news when we see organizations taking the step in the right direction.

We started Western RO because of our love for clean water, but we also love clean air. While we strive to provide filtration systems to people around the globe we continue to push for resources and actions that better our environment. Without clean air, clean water won’t be possible, and without renewable energy neither will be easy to obtain. We do our best to provide clean water options and ask that you consider what you can do to help better our environment.

As we enter the latter half of the decade it is important we take these matter seriously and move to harness renewable energies. MPW’s move to solar is a great start but we need more businesses, facilities, and organizations to follow suit. We at Western RO want nothing more than a cleaner future for both our air and water around the globe.