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Anti-telescoping device (ATD):  An anti-telescoping device or ATD is a plastic device located on the ends of a reverse osmosis membrane element in order to prevent the membrane from telescoping under pressure.

Concentrate or Brine:  Concentrate or Brine is the water that did not pass through the semipermeable membrane and is rejected with a high concentration of contaminants.

Dry Membrane:  A dry membrane has not been tested for quality assurance and has not touched water therefore is dry.

Envelope:  One sheet of permeate water carrier sealed on three sides within a folded sheet of membrane.

Feed water:  The original water supply that enters the RO system before any of the contaminants are removed.

Membrane casting:  Casting is the technique used to produce membranes.

Membrane Element:  All membranes are cast inside of what is called the membrane element.




Permeate:  Permeate is the product water that passed through the semipermeable membrane and is now pure water free of most contaminants.



PPM:  Total dissolved solids which are present in the water supply are measured in parts per million (ppm) which is a common unit of measurement for concentration.



psi:  Pound per Square Inch and is a common unit of measurement for pressure.



Reverse Osmosis:  Reverse Osmosis is a water treatment technique which removes 99.99% of water contaminants using pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane filtering out contaminants.



Salt Flux/Salt Passage:  Salt Flux or Salt Passage refers to the amount of contaminants that pass through the membrane (less than 1% with RO).



TDS:  TDS stands for the Total Dissolved Solids present in the water supply.



Water Flux/Water Passage:  Water Flux refers to the flow of water through a semipermeable membrane (net driving pressure and temperate affects water flux).  The higher the Flux the higher the quantity of permeate produced.



Wet membrane:  A wet membrane element was tested by the manufacturer for quality assurance by testing its performance under ideal operating conditions.



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