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Institutions around the country are taking a closer look at their water supply. Any facility that is responsible for the welfare and safety of their patrons owe it to themselves to make sure that their water source is free of contaminants. Schools and Hospitals are taking an active role in making sure their students and patients are drinking clean water by installing filtration systems.

The filters and reverse osmosis membranes are an additional line of defense to protect those that could be vulnerable from excess exposure to lead. Young children, the elderly, and the sick need to have the purest water to stay healthy and hydrated. Pittsburgh’s Public School system is taking the lead on this issue.

While the federal law does not require water testing for the school system, administrators saw it as a critical component in their student’s quality of life. District officials wanted to take a proactive approach to the situation. “Engaging this was, of course, the events going around the country, particularly with Flint, Mich., and us knowing that there would be increased awareness of drinking water quality in our schools,” said Ronald Joseph, Pittsburgh Public Schools Chief Operations Officer

Testing took place across 70 district facilities. What they found was that the level of lead in the water was actually below the EPA’s recommendations. With only 14.9 parts per billion it was far below the 20 ppb regulated by the EPA. This proactive approach is the rising trend in the nation.

As more water sources become contaminated it is important that a solution is in place before an issue arises. The Pittsburgh Public School system installed new fountains throughout the school and added bottle fountains that provide clean water for all of their students. Especially the preschoolers who can suffer hearing problems, behavioral disorders, and delayed puberty from lead exposure.

The need for Reverse Osmosis Membranes and Filters is on the rise. Institutions around the world are making the switch to filtered water and it will be imperative that they have the proper solution. As a trusted source we seek to find a solution that fits the need and meets the demand on hand. We also seek to have the items in stock at all time and able to ship immediately.

From Schools to Hospitals to Hotels and Restaurants, there are facilities in need of pure water solutions. New outlets everywhere are reporting on the dangers of unclean water and almost all of their solutions include a filtered water solution. The industry is poised to grow several by billions over the next decade. We have a knowledgeable team on-hand that can make sure you are positioned to grow with the industry.

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