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The American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) held their annual Membrane Technology Conference (MTC) to showcase what is new in the industry. The membranes on display range in use, for everything from drinking water to wastewater to reuse. The technology has a wide range of uses, and is helping to expand past the 2000 facilities currently using them.

As the challenge for clean water increases it is important that the technology reflect the growing need and the MTC is the perfect place to show off what is new. The convention address not only the growing need for clean water but also how to solve the common problems that occur with a membrane filtration system. From ways to help keep the membrane clear to software to help design and care for your filtrations system. MTC had a lot going on and we wanted to share the top 10 companies that were making waves.

1. First is the LD Technology by Hydranautics. Their booth was focused on how to expand the life of a membrane and keep it clear of colloidal/particulate and biological fouling. They solution to solving the issue was to increase the feed spacer to 34mm to help reduce build up. This solved one issue but also meant that the surface area of the membrane had to be reduced to fit the larger spacer.

2. The next in line is LENA MBR by Doosan Hydro Technology. LENA, “low energy, no aeration”, takes on the same issue Hydranautics did but prevents sludge accumulation by employing a “membrane reciprocating system”. This system removes the need to use air scouring and increase energy savings by up to 75%.

3. Another standout at the show was WAVE Modeling Software by Dow Water & Process Solutions. This software helps you build and maintain your water filtration system through a user interface that is simple and friendly. They are currently in Beta but are getting great reviews. The use of the technology would help engineers design systems more efficiently.

4. Another software solution at the show was PROTON Antiscalant Software by Alkema Solution. This platform was designed to help cleaning scales efficiently by calculating the antiscalant dosage for over 50 different scale types. They seek to help you prevent overdosage and can be used on desktop and mobile platforms. Just another way membrane technology is expanding to help the overall industry.

5. Products like FiberMove by Piedmont address the issue of moving membranes safely and efficiently. Not like the other products on display, FiberMove is again a solution to help the industry that is not directly a filter related. As the industry expands so does the ancillary products to help it grow.

6. Along with the other standout technologies there was TIPS Ultrafiltration Membranes by Scinor Water America, LLC. In a world where everyone is trying to get their membranes to stand out from the crowd, Scinor has done it. Their production methods have created a hollow-fiber PVDF ultrafiltration membranes that is stronger and more flexible than previous membrane manufacturing options.

7. Not to be outdone iSep UF Membranes by TriSep Corporation and Silicon Carbide (SiC) Membranes by LiqTech North America were on hand to showcase their membrane technologies. SiC’s ceramic membranes and iSep’s nearly unbreakable membranes bring diversity to the industry. As always, we are excited to have more choices when it comes to membrane solutions.

8. And last but not least HARMSCO was there showcasing their membrane housing. Their patented upflow design expands the life of a membrane and helps cyclonic separation. The housing is available in various sizes, but the key is their use of stainless steel. The construction allows for easy cleaning and is stylish as well.

Source: http://www.wateronline.com/doc/must-see-membrane-technologies-0001